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Understanding The Damages That May Be Caused By A Nor’easter

Published by Jennifer on March 10, 2018 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Residents in New York City were spared from experiencing the massive snowfall that those living up state received from the second nor’easter to hit the east coast in six weeks.

Technicians Making Storm Damage Repairs In A Flooded BasementManhattan’s proximity to the ocean was its saving grace. The City stayed just warm enough to avoid the 26.8 inches of snow that New Jersey was pummeled with earlier this week.

Central Park ended up with roughly 3 inches of snowfall, which was a far cry from the predicted 10 inches. Both the ocean and elevation helped keep Manhattan from experiencing what could have been devastating conditions.

However, the lack of snowfall did not mean that Manhattan was completely unaffected from the powerful nor’easter. Flights were cancelled, commuter rails were delayed and trains were extremely crowded.

Although not as damaging as in upstate, the wind, rain and freezing temperatures were enough to affect those living in Manhattan, including causing water and wind damage for property owners.

Preparing For Water and Wind Damage During A Nor’easter

When you know that a huge blizzard like a nor’easter is going to affect your neighborhood it is necessary to take the time to prepare yourself for the incoming weather.

If you can, you should try to stay indoors for the brunt of the storm. The weather conditions outside will be harsh, to say the least, making driving and walking a dangerous ordeal.

To make your stay indoors as comfortable as possible you should stock up on food and water. Make sure to buy food items that do not require refrigeration, because if the power goes out the food in the fridge will only have a few hours before spoiling.

You should also buy candles, matches, flashlights and extra batteries to prepare for a power outage. One flashlight per person is ideal and have them on every floor of the house. Make sure everyone knows where they are located.

Buy a battery powered radio to use when your phone and computers lose power and are unable to be charged. A radio will let you stay up-to-date on the weather conditions and power outage information.

Be Aware Of The Damage That A Blizzard Can Create

The rain, snow and wind that the nor’easter creates have the ability to damage your property in many different ways, all which need to be remediated as quickly as possible. 

Storm Damage Restoration TruckRainwater can leak in through the ceiling and foundation, causing water damage throughout the property. The cold temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze, which can lead to a burst and subsequent flooding inside your home.

The wet snow that this storm creates puts a lot of weight on tree branches, power lines and roofs. It can break branches and power lines, which can be very dangerous, especially if you are outside when this occurs. If your roof is weak in some areas the snow can actually cause the structure to cave in.

Powerful winds have the ability to lift up any outside patio furniture or other items and toss them into your home. This can cause structural damage and create cracks that can let water and snow inside.

If you experience any type of storm damage to your property during the nor’easter you can contact the technicians at 911 Restoration of Manhattan. Their staff members are available 24/7/365 to assist you with same day restoration services.

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