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Mold Removal Manhattan

When it comes to Mold Removal and all of the challenges that this presents, Adi Schwartz and Michael Oren with 911 Restoration Manhattan are beyond ready.

Water Damage Restoration Basement Restoration From Water DamageBeing masters of all water damage situations, Adi and Michael have also taken on countless mold contaminations due to the frequency of these restoration needs coinciding. Many times with a water damage issue, mold and fungus infestation are also involved.

This is because standing water at any category level is a breeding ground for mold spores. Mold can completely infest homes and businesses alike, and it can do so in short order.

A simple frequent drip from a leaky pipe can engender huge mold colonies to form. Once mold takes hold it can be very hard for homeowners to solve on their own. Additionally, if the source of the mold is not taken care of, then the issue will return extremely quickly and be just as costly as the first occasion to amend.

“Many people think that mold isn’t an issue in their homes because they are very clean,” Adi says. “But in truth, even the cleanest home with a small, yet regular water damage problem can still be a home for mold spores of all kinds.”

If you and your home are experiencing an infestation of any sort of mold or fungus variety, Adi and Michael should be the first call you make to have the problem solved once and for all. Don’t hesitate with mold removal Manhattan as this can be hazardous to your health, call the pros with 911 Restoration Manhattan now!

Mold Spore Stoppers with Mold Removal Expertise

Adi and Michael’s expertise with Mold in all of its forms, as well as the water damage that causes it means that homeowners can rest easy when they are on the job.

Water Damage Restoration Of Faulty PipingWith advanced technology for solving even the most virulent mold infestations, there is no contamination level that Adi and Michael can’t remediate.

“Lots of home and business owners think that mold contaminations can’t happen to them because they don’t have any obvious leaks or they haven’t experienced a flood,” Michael reports. “But many of the contaminations that we work with come from high humidity levels.”

Mold needs water and a food source to grow, and if given these two elements, it can reach epic proportions. Sometimes mold is growing without homeowners even knowing that it is there.

“Many times infestations start in areas of the home that people don’t frequent often enough to notice the contamination, like the attic, the basement, crawlspace or behind sinks.” Adi says. But no matter where the contamination occurs first, if given the right conditions, it can spread quickly and be quite costly to take care of.

The fast pace and perseverance of mold spores is one of the reasons that they are so common in homes throughout the world. Though no matter how common mold infestations are, they still need to be solved immediately to stave off the worst that infestations can do.

Solving the Source of Mold Removal Needs

Mold spores do float around in the air at all times, and in truth, anyplace with the right elements can become a grow spot for them. This is why Adi and Michael take great strides to find and eliminate the source of any such mold contamination.

Water Damage Restoration At Local Area FloodBe it a localized flood, a toilet overflow, or a ceiling leak, the experts with 911 Restoration Manhattan can find it and solve it so that it doesn’t continue to provide sustenance to the colony in question.

Our water damage Manhattan team knows that the nature of a mold event can be difficult to fully realize without professional assistance, and to provide our clients with the best, we make ourselves available at all times of day and night to save the day during just such situations.

If your home or business has been through a water damage event recently and you need the expertise of truly dedicated professionals like Adi and Michael prevent it from growing mold, then call our mold removal Manhattan experts with 911 Restoration Manhattan today!

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