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Happy Thanksgiving from Your Local 911 Restoration Branch

Published by Allegra on October 19, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

thanksgiving turkeyTowards the end of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time where people who celebrate come together and celebrate by sharing a flavorful feast. The highlight of this day is to sit with family and friends and take a moment to acknowledge what you are truly grateful for.

Though Thanksgiving celebrations are an event of immense joy, the risk of accidents and catastrophic injuries will be high during the holiday season.

It has been found that more people get involved in accidents and visit the emergency room during the end of the year holidays. For many families, this festive holiday and feast turn into some gruesome and tragic event.

The most frequent accidents on Thanksgiving are fire and burns and car accidents. This article would help you avoid such accidents and ensure you spend a happy, joyful time with your family this holiday season.

In emergency cases, 911 Restoration can lend you a helping hand and provide you with the best professionals to fix and restore the damage caused by accidents.

Car Accidents

During the holiday seasons, families are more prone to getting into car accidents and fatalities. These accidents are because people are heading out and rushing to visit family dinners and to meet friends. According to the NHTSA, in 2017, 528 people were killed in a vehicle accident during the Thanksgiving holiday. Although you cannot fully avoid a car crash, following these precautions can increase your safety on busy roads this holiday season;

  • Avoid speeding on the roads and follow all rules.
  • Avoid distractions while driving and concentrate on the road and traffic.
  • Wear a seat belt and make sure everyone in the properly buckled in. If you have an infant, make sure the car seat is properly installed.
  • Do not drive while you are under the influence of any alcohol or other substances. Ask your spouse or friends to drive you back and forth from the dinner.

If you are hurt in a car accident this Thanksgiving weekend, do not hesitate to reach out to 911 Restoration. We help you through the insurance claim process and send professional workers to clean up the accident scene.

Fires and Burns

Did you know home cooking fires are three times more on Thanksgiving than on any other day? The NFPA found that cooking accidents cause 45 percent of home fire injuries and one-fifth of home fire deaths.

In addition, deep fryer fires result in more than $15 million in property damage each year. Thanksgiving fires are prevalent mainly due to popular equipment like the turkey fryer. To protect yourself and your family from fire damage and burns this Thanksgiving, follow these 5 precautions when frying turkey.

Tip #1: Deep Fry in an Open Area

Never deep fry turkey in a close congested place; always look for outside and open areas. Garages and wooden decks are not good options as they can easily catch fire, instead go for backyards to ensure safety while frying turkey. Even though it might be cold and frosty outdoors at the end of November, it is better than getting into an accident on holiday.

Tip #2: Wear Protective Gear

This gear is important because oil splatters are common when deep frying. The deep fryer has extremely heated oil, and there’s usually quite a bit of splattering. Before you go close to the deep fryer to fry your turkey, ensure you’re wearing oven gloves and an apron to prevent oil splashes on your skin and clothes. It is advisable to even wear safety glasses as oil might splash up into your eyes.

Tip #3: Have A Fire Extinguisher On Hand

Always keep a fire extinguisher a few feet away in case of emergencies and fires. If the grease catches on fire, extinguish it using an extinguisher. Throwing water on an oil fire will only worsen the situation- refer to tip# 4 for it.

Tip #4: Remember That Oil and Water Don’t Mix

Water and oil don’t mix well, and even a few splatters of water can cause the oil to bubble and spill over, which can quickly result in a fire. To prevent this accident from happening, stick to turkey-approved recipes that do not contain water and never attempt to cook a frozen turkey. Let it defrost as the excess moisture will cause the oil to boil fiercely and possibly start a fire or cause burns by splattering everywhere.

Tip #5: Keep Bystanders to a Minimum

Lastly, keep your relatives, friends, and children not involved in cooking away from the deep fryer. Letting children play near the deep fryer can cause many accidents and injuries; that is why choose an outdoor place that is secluded and away from the main seating area.

Call an Experienced Restoration Company!

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident on Thanksgiving weekend caused by the negligence of these tips or car accidents, call a Restoration Company in Manhattan to help you out. 911 Restoration will fix and clean up the damage and help you through the insurance claim process. In case of emergencies, contact us at (646) 883-2784. Happy Thanksgiving from Your Local 911 Restoration Branch in Manhattan!

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